GEMATEST s.r.o. is an independent accredited laboratory that provides:

  • Geotechnical laboratory soil, rock and aggregates testing
  • Field Testing Services
  • Chemical Analyses


GEMATEST s.r.o. has been working in the field of geomechanical, geotechnical and chemical soil and rock testing.

We are an independent accredited geotechnical and chemical testing laboratory with a proven track record since starting in 1991. We have an experienced staff and well equipped laboratory with the world class soils and rock testing facilities.

We can react quickly to your needs, special custom specification and requirements.

GEMATEST s.r.o. routinely perform a wide range of geotechnical laboratory and field testing on soils, rocks, aggregates, concretes and many other related materials. Our geotechnical laboratories have provided classification, compaction, permeability, strenght, compressibility, consolidation and field denzity testing on numerous civil projects.


We have well equipped geotechnical laboratory with the world class soils and rock testing facilities. These include a modern soils and rocks laboratory, field (in-situ) and sampling testing gear and apparatus (ELE, Controls, Infratest, Wykeham Farrance, Sartorius,Kessler, Strassentest,Retsch, etc.).


We have a team of 18 experienced and certified geotechnical engineers and technicians and we can react quickly to your requirements. Our working team includes members of The Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians.We have a full range of capacities for laboratory and in situ geotechnical testing based on the implemented quality control systém according to CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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