Laboratory Testing Of Soils

Index, Classification

  • Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Water (Moisture)
  • Content of Soil and Rock by Mass
  • Test Method for Particle –Size Analysis of Soils
  • Test Methods for Liquid Limit , Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index of Soils
  • Test Method for Specific Gravity of Soils
  • Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Unit Weight of Soils. Laboratory and Field Methods.
  • Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Organic Substances in Soils
  • Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Carbonates in Soils
  • Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Sand Equivalent


  • Test Method for Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil (Moisture Density Relations of Soils – Proctor Test Standard and Modified)
  • Test Method for California Bearing Reatio of Laboratory-Compacted Soils
  • Test Method for Relative Density with Vibratory Table (Minimum and Maximum Density)


  • Test Method for Permeability of Granular Soils


  • Test Method fo One Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils (Oedometer)

Total and Effective Stress

  • Test Method for Unconsolidated-Undrained Compressive Strenght of Soils in Triaxia
  • Test Method for Peak Direct Shear Box (Direct shear strenght using shearbox)
  • Test Method for Residual Direct Shear Box

Soil Stabilization

  • Test Method for Soil Stabilization
  • Swelling
  • Test Method for Swelling of Soils (in Oedometer)


  • Test Method for Shrinkage of Soils

Laboratory Testing Of Aggregates, Rocks And Concrete

Mechanical properties

  • Aggregate Impact Value
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Test
  • Compression Testing of Concrete Cubes and Cylinders
  • Flexural and Transverse Testing

Physical properties, description

  • Determination of Particle Size Distribution¨
  • Moisture Content
  • Determination of the Shape Index
  • Particle Density (Specific Gravity)
  • Water Absorption
  • Bulk Density
  • Weathering (Durability)

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